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Stock Transactions

Stock Transactions


Inventory → Stock → Receive Stock

Direct receiving is a positive adjustment to your inventory that doesn't occur on a purchase order, work order, or similar function. It is a direct change to the stock levels. This type of transaction requires a reason code to be supplied for why the stock was added. The reason codes can vary and may be customized; for example, a reason code might indicate a physical inventory locating more items than expected. Note for large-scale inventory corrections and counts we recommend using the cycle count functionality of the system. As with all stock operations in the system, direct receipts are recorded in the audit trail with the date and time of the transaction, the corresponding reason, and information about the inventory received.

Receiving Screen Pages

Inventory → Stock → Receive Stock

If you have filled up all 20 lines on the receive screen and still have more to enter, click on the forward arrow to the right of the “Go” button or type a new page number into the field next to the “Go” button to advance to a new blank page. When you go to the next page, the system automatically saves the receipt so you won’t lose any information prior to receiving it.

Stow List

Inventory → Stock →Receive Stock → “Stow List” Button

After you have line items on the receive screen, the “Stow List” button appears. This button allows you to view and print an internal packing slip to locate the item(s). This list contains the locations and quantity of all current inventory of the item you are receiving.

Positive Adjustment Codes

System → Definitions → Positive Adj. Codes

Positive adjustment codes are used to state a reason why a direct receipt is occurring. If an item is received on a purchase order, the system automatically assigns the PO Receipt code. With a direct receipt, the system requires you to select a reason. This list is populated by you and can be as specific or generic as needed. We provide a number of default codes in the base system. To add more positive adjustment codes:

  1. Click on System and then on Positive Adj. Codes.
  2. Click on the “Add New Positive Adjustment Codes” button.
  3. Fill in the necessary information.
  4. Click on the “Save” button.


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