Inventory Pro

Restocking Quick Start

Restocking Quick Start

In order to streamline the reordering and restocking process, Inventory Pro has a number of built-in restocking tools that allow you to set up the orders needed to refill your inventory in just a few clicks. This cheat sheet will help you navigate the restocking process so you can quickly and easily place purchase orders or transits to restock your inventory.

Restocking Setup

In order to use any restocking feature, you’ll first need to set the restocking levels for the items in your inventory. To do this:

  1. Go to Inventory → Inventory → Item Master List or Inventory → Management → Re-Order Levels.
  2. Click on the icon in the Reorder Level column in the row of the item with the reorder levels you wish to change.
    • If you used the latter method ignore this step.
  3. You should see the following screen:
    image here
  4. On this page, you can set reorder information for the item you have selected. Note that the information can be set separately for each warehouse.
  • Supplier sets to whom restocking purchase orders will be sent.
  • Re-Order Point allows you to set how low the inventory level has to drop before a restocking PO or transit can be made.
  • By setting a number in Economic Order, you ensure that orders will only be made in multiples of that number.
  • Fill To sets the level to which you want your inventory filled with an item.
  • Lead Time and Monthly Demand are optional fields that allow you to keep track of the lead time and monthly demand of an item.

Once you have set restocking levels for all the items you need, you can use Inventory Pro’s restocking options to refill your inventory. You have two choices: Restocking Purchase Orders and Restocking Transits. The former lets you make purchase orders to buy new items from suppliers, while the latter lets you use items from one warehouse to replace the stock in another. To make a restocking purchase order:

  1. Click on Orders → Purchasing → Restocking POs.
  2. Select a warehouse in the dropdown menu. You may also select a supplier.
  3. You will see the following screen:
    image here
  4. You can use Suggest Purchase Orders to refresh the page.
  5. Checking or unchecking the Order? checkbox selects whether you want the item to be added to the new purchase order(s).
  6. Click on Create Purchase Orders to create orders for all the checked items. One purchase order will be generated per supplier containing all the items that the supplier offers that you selected.
  7. Note that you will still have to complete the purchase orders as you would any other purchase order in order to add the items into your inventory.

Restocking Transits

You can also use Restocking Transits to restock the items if you have them in stock in another warehouse. To use Restocking Transits:

  1. Go to Inventory → Stock → Restocking Transits.
  2. Select the warehouse to and from which you are moving the items.
  3. A screen like the one below should appear:
    image here
  4. If there are items available to be transited from one warehouse to the other, the transit checkbox will be checkable for that item.
  5. Click on the Create Transit button to make transit slips for the item and place the item in transit.
  6. If you have one-click transits, the items will be sent immediately; otherwise, you will have to receive the items as you would any other transit.