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Trace: Jobs - Quick Start

Jobs - Quick Start

Jobs - Quick Start

The job system is a way to organize all components used for any specific job. A job is a specialized task that can be used to track inventory throughout the system and separate inventory allocated for any job from normal inventory.

Create a Job

  1. Orders → Other → Jobs List
  2. Click on the “Add New Job” button to add a new Job or click on the pencil icon next to an existing
  3. job to modify it.
  4. Fill in required fields
    • Required fields are marked with checkmarks
    • Fields with no checkmark are optional
  5. Click on the “Save” button

Jobs in Locate/Move

  1. Inventory→ Stock → Locate/Move
  2. Click the “Locate/Move Units” Button
    • Additional Features
  3. Click Item ID with a blue link for any item you want to assign or change a job too.
  4. Select a new Job value.
  5. Click the “Save” button

Jobs in Receiving

When items are in the process of being received into the system an additional job filter can be applied to that receiving order. This job filter will then be attached to all items received in.

Jobs in Direct Receive

  1. Inventory→ Stock → Receive Stock
  2. When doing a Direct Receive to assign a job to the order one must be selected in the job filter.
  3. After finishing and receiving the order, all items will be assigned to the particular job in the job filter.

Jobs in Purchase Orders

  1. Orders→ Purchasing → Purchase Orders
  2. A job can be assigned to a purchase order in multiple ways
    • A job can be applied to an order and all items within that order on the header page for editing or creating a purchase order.
    • If items in a purchase order are not all tied to one job they can be individually assigned to jobs on the line items page.

Jobs in Restocking PO

  1. Orders → Purchasing → Restocking POs
  2. When restocking a purchase order the system will take into account the job on the shipping order when reordering stock and apply that job to the purchase order it creates.

Jobs in Issuing

When items are in the process of being issued out of the system an additional job filter can be applied to that issuing order. This job filter will then be attached to all items issued out.

Jobs in Direct Issue

  1. Inventory→ Stock → Issue Stock
  2. A job filter can be applied at the top of the issuing screen with a job filter. This will prevent any items not tied to a job from being issued out unnecessarily.

Jobs in Shipping Orders

  1. Orders→ Shipping → Shipping Orders
  2. By selecting a job from the job field a filter can be placed on the shipping order. This filter will only allow items related to the job selected to be issued on the shipping order.