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Cycle Counts

Cycle Counts

Inventory → Stock → Cycle Count

The cycle count is an easy way for you to manage large amounts of inventory in just a few clicks. It allows a user to rapidly enter in stock information for a location and find any discrepancies between the expected count and the actual number of items in a given location. To use the cycle count:

  1. Click on Inventory and then on Cycle Count.
  2. You will then reach the Cycle Count screen, where you can see the previous cycle counts as well as run new ones.
  3. To run a new cycle count, select the warehouse and location which you wish to count, then click on the “New Cycle Count” button.
  4. A screen will then appear as shown below. It will list the ID and description of each item in your company inventories at the selected warehouse and location, whether or not the number of items has changed (under “Status”), how many items were found, how many were expected to be found, the difference, and several buttons.
  5. You can now perform the cycle count. For each item, either use the arrows in the “Found” box or type the number directly in the box to enter the number of items of a given type found when you completed the count.
  6. Once you have completed the count, check the checkbox in the Post field for each item you wish to save or select “Check All” to check the checkbox in the Post field for all items.
  7. Click on the “Post Receipts and Issues” button to save the count.
  8. Your inventory will now be adjusted with the results of the count. If you look at the audit trail, it will show direct receipts/issues that account for all of the discrepancies in inventory identified in the cycle count.

Note that mobile users can also perform cycle counts, but cannot post them. In this case, the cycle count will appear on the cycle count list mentioned in the instructions above. You can then modify and post the cycle count using the instructions above as though you had created it yourself.