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Cycle Count - Quick Start

Cycle Count - Quick Start

Cycle counts are one of the most powerful tools in Inventory Pro. They allow you to quickly review and update the stock levels of some or all inventory in one go. A Cycle Count can be initiated on both mobile and desktop (although it can only be completed and processed on desktop).

Mobile Cycle Counts

To create a cycle count on mobile:

  1. Log in to Inventory Pro Mobile and select your warehouse.
  2. Click on Cycle Count under Inventory Management.
  3. Select what kind of cycle count and click on Run Cycle Count.
  4. You should see a screen like the one below:
    image here
  5. Select an item and set the number of units found of that item in your cycle count.
  6. Click on save to save the results for that item.
  7. Repeat 5 and 6 until you have saved a count for every item in the warehouse.
  8. You may click Review to review your count, then click on Submit, and then Submit Count to submit the cycle count for approval.

Completing a count on mobile does not automatically change your stock levels. Instead, it saves it to the desktop cycle count page, which in turn can post the cycle count. In order to understand the desktop cycle count page, we need to know how to make a cycle count on the Inventory Pro desktop.

Desktop Cycle Counts

Follow the below steps to create a cycle count on the desktop:

  1. Click on Inventory → Stock → Cycle Count.
  2. You may either click on an existing cycle count or create a new cycle count with the Run Cycle Count button.
  3. Either option will take you to a similar screen (the only difference being that if you selected an existing cycle count, some fields may already be filled in) pictured below:
    image here
  4. You can set how many items were in your inventory for each item using the Found column.
  5. Check the Post checkbox to set what numbers you want to post to your inventory.
  6. Click on the Post Receipts and Issues button to post the new inventory levels. Your inventory levels should now be adjusted to those listed in the cycle count.