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System → Configuration → Barcode Configuration
Inventory Pro offers a utility to select your barcode formats on a variety of system objects. Please see below for a full list. Some other screens such as Inventory Barcode Catalog or Order documents also offer barcoding and can be customized upon request.

  • Items- Usually a basic 1D barcode with just the Item and Description, Good for getting started with barcoding.
  • Inventory - More detailed and usually refer to a specific lot of inventory in the system.
  • Serialized Inventory - Focus on the serial number as the primary data point for scanning ( these are only printed for items with serial numbers used ).
  • Receiving - Very similar to Inventory labels and interchangeable, with receiving usually including extra data points such as expiration dates or pallet references.
  • Assets - Generic barcodes for tagging assets and equipment to easily associate them with their data in Inventory Pro
  • Locations - Simple labels designed for tagging your racks or shelving in your warehouse. To allow for fast and easy stock transactions

Supported Formats

  • 1D formats
    • Code 39 - This is a Legacy blocky format with a limited character set ( read-only )
    • Code 128 - The standard format for Inventory Pro and most non-retail applications
    • UPC - The standard product code for retail sales
    • EAN 13 - The international variant of UPC
  • 2D formats
    • QR Codes - A blocky generic format used in various industries, Good data density.
    • PDF417 - A specialized format including error correction, used commonly for vehicle registrations, and in some shipping companies.








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Image Scanning

See Configuration on Installation Guide = Supported Formats = Refer to mobile

Using External Barcodes

Partsalias, UPC, Etc methods of linkage