Inventory Pro

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts allow users to be notified when a given action occurs within Inventory Pro. This can include a wide variety of actions including creating new items in any table, changes in orders, transit slip status, and many others.

Alert Configuration

System → Configuration → Alert Configuration

 New Alerts  Editing Alerts

Inventory Pro offers administrators the ability to create and modify alerts for different use cases.

Alert Config

Field Description
Event The event that triggers the alert.
Action The type of alert being used.
Target The recipients of the email.
Document Describes the action that triggers the alert and who will receive an alert.
Use Enable or disable the alert.
Modified The last time the record was modified.
Base Configurations

To create a new alert configuration or edit an existing one you can follow these steps below.

  1. Select an event that should trigger the alert.
  2. Select an action that the alert should perform.
  3. Select a target for the alert.
  4. Click the save button.
Advanced Configurations

* Some event examples are: Generating a new order, Order on Completion, Low stock, User password resets, Etc. * Alerts can be set to be email alerts, browser notifications, and more. If you wish to use email alerts, please contact CISS Ltd. to assist in setup and help you determine what alerts are necessary for your needs.

Alert Definitions

System → Definitions → Alert Definitions

Edit Alert Definition Inventory Pro offers administrators the ability to modify the contents of their alerts. This can be done by the alert text field on the editing screen.

To edit alert definitions click on the pencil icon next to that alert.
Report Screen

The alert text field utilizes HTML formatting and can be populated with dynamic information regarding the source of the alert (Username, Order Number, Customer information, etc). For any minor changes to an alert edit the text between <body> and </body> tags to suit your needs. Alert Text Field

If you wish to use email alerts and have any questions regarding alert setup and dynamic variables, contact CISS Ltd..