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Trace: Admin Options

Admin Options

Admin Options

The Admin Options screen allows you to modify many of IPOL’s features to fit your company’s needs. You can use this screen to change how orders are numbered (or turn off automatic numbering altogether), how backorders on shipping or work orders are handled, or what the default method of asset depreciation is. The next few pages will list some of the options available on each page and what those options do. If you want to know about additional options or have other questions regarding the admin options page, contact CISS Ltd. with your questions.

After you have finished altering the admin options on any page, click on the “Save Settings” button to save your changes and then the “Back to Options Menu” button to return to the options menu.

Module: System Settings

ID Option Description
56Decimals in Currency
84Next Report Number
508Date Control # of Months
511Date Control Style
125Equipment Leasing
219Enable Job System
220Disable Vendor Select Persistence
221Disable Customer Select Persistence
222Disable Job Select Persistence
254Automatically Create Employees
69Create Supplier Catalog Entry On Import
512Require Approvers to have Signature on File
518Apply Discounts after Tax Calculation

Module: Numbers

ID Option Description
1Purchase Order No. Style
2Manifest No. Style
3Shipping Order No. Style
5Appointment No. Style
29Move Tx. Style
39Asset No. Style
40Work Order No. Style
41Lease No. Style
42Adjustment No. Style
43Serial No. Style
48Inventory No. Style
49Invoice No. Style
74Repair No. Style
110In-Transit No. Style
111Customer No. Style
166Cycle Count No. Style
177RFQ No. Style
190Lot No. Style
208Credit Memo Style
210Custom Field #1 Style
214Custom Field #2 Style

This page allows you to set the number system for any record in Inventory Pro with record numbers, such as inventory items, assets, or purchase orders. Type the method by which you want to number your orders in the Format column. Enter the number of digits that you wish to use for sequential numbering in the form of pound symbols in the numbering method in the Format column. As well, you can enter the next number that you wish to use as a sequential number in the 'Next Value' field. For example, if your numbering system for purchase orders is PO-17-##### and the next value for purchase orders is 111, then the next purchase order generated will have a number of PO-17-00111.

You can also turn off automatic numbering for a given record type. To do so, enter -1 into the Next Value field for that record type. This will allow you to assign record numbers manually rather than having the system assign them for you.

Module: Defaults

ID Option Description
6Receiving Spot
8Units of Measure
10Payment Terms
57PO Supplier Item
233Item Master List Default Status
234Asset Default Status
235User Default Status
236Appointment Default Status
237Purchase Order Default Status
238Shipping Order Default Status
239Credit Memo Default Status
240Work Order Default Status
241Repair Order Default Status
242Customer Default Status
243Supplier Default Status

Module: Inventory

ID Option Description
23Move Screen Type
31Restocking Safety Stock Calculation
32Restocking Calculation Range
37Committed Quantities
198Cycle Count Default View
515Always add Items to Warehouse
517Reorder Logic
526Cycle Count - Auto Save
24Require “Use Serial” flag for Serials on Receive
25Don't Create Alias when renaming an item
81Locate/Move Disable Select All
101Permit Discontinued Items In Stock
124Require Transit Slip Approval
165Restrict New Items From All Warehouses
223Enable Category Filter On Item Master List
226Create “Dock” location for New Warehouses
267Assign Lot Number On Receive
504Ignore Warehouse Links
507Use Direct Warehouse Transits
528Disable Widgets on Item Master List
529Cycle Count - Alternate Color Scheme

Module: Receiving

ID Option Description
73Receiving Screen View
73Allow User To Select Receiving Screen View
527Date In Override Range (Days)
13Update Default Cost on PO Receive
17Update Default Cost on Appt Receive
94When receiving against a PO/Appointment, don't populate receiving screen
105Assist in serial number assignment. Enter 1st number and get all populated
108Fulfill shipping orders on receipt ( Deprecated )
113Do not split line items when receiving
196Allow SO Returns ( Deprecated )
197Allow WO Returns ( Deprecated )
271Serial2 / Lot Number Assignment
505AutoFill Location/Reference when receiving

Module: Appointments

ID Option Description
98Allow duplicate items
135Allow one-time buys
87Filter Inventory By Settings
172Backorder Separator
503Supplier Option to Filter By

Module: Purchase Orders

ID Option Description
60Copy P.O. Line Notes into Remarks
85Unlink Purchasing from Inventory
88Hide deliveries tab on P.O. screens
96Allow direct shipments to customer ( Deprecated )
98Allow duplicate items
106Multi Level PO Approval
120PO Approval Process
131Populate Receive screen with zero quantity
132Warn if receive qty greater than PO qty
133Only items on PO can be received
135Allow one-time buys
191Prevent Non-Buyers from changing pricing
232Enable Job Assignment for Restocking
244Default Sales Tax based on Vendor State Code for Purchase Orders
510Use Vendor Catalog Price Levels
87Filter Inventory By Settings
231Purchase Order Footer Text
270PO Footer Address Override
503Supplier Option to Filter By

Module: Issuing

ID Option Description
21Allow Auto Load (Load All)
61Copy remarks into log files when loading
224Always show Issue Slip when Issuing
225Show Cost on Issue Slip
437Issue Grid - Sort by Item ID
506AutoFill Reference when Issuing
80Issue Screen View
97Loading Scheme ( Deprecated )
525Date Out Override Range (Days)
268Custom Issue Filter 1
269Custom Issue Filter 2

Module: Shipping Orders

ID Option Description
19Quick Order - Hide View Selection
50Allow Short Issues
59Allow duplicate line items In orders
62Check for duplicate Process numbers
72Support for kits when shipping
78Use Line of Business Reference
82SO Approval Required
89Email Picklist when Backorder Fulfilled
107Show contact names
129Support for multiple kits when shipping
153Pack Shipping Orders
181Quick Order - Enable Item Order Limits
199Disable Overwrite when Loading items onto SO
216Default Sales Tax based on Customer State Code
255Enable Markups On Shipping Orders
257Check For Duplicate Customer POs
265Disable Auto Complete
266Assign Invoice Number After Order Fulfilled
501Pick List - Order By Most Efficient Path
502Use Case Pricing Levels on Orders
516Enable Credit Memos
524Hide Components On Invoice
71Backorder Separator
103Do not fulfill [Delivery]-[Today]
164Quick Order Min. Date [Today]+[x]
168Quick Order Default View
173Quick Order Default Search
182Load From X Control
520Filter Inventory By Settings
521Supplier Option to Filter By

Module: Work Orders/BOM

ID Option Description
14Copy Serial Numbers
15Copy Remarks to Issue Screen
18Calculate Cost on based on Components
122Do not Auto-Populate Issue Screen
123Allow partial assemblies
126Components are critical by default
193WO Approval Process
194Allow PO creation from WO
212Allow Picking Stock from Multiple Warehouses
215Place assembled items in common location of consumed stock
83Allow Production Overruns
121Backorder Separator
195Short Stock Notice
213Assembled Stock Expiration

Module: Assets

ID Option Description
44Depreciation Method 1
45Depreciation Method 2
46Lifetime 1 (in months)
47Lifetime 2 (in months)

Module: Repair Orders

ID Option Description
75Screen startup filter default
76Create new order with this status
77Order complete status
127Repair Unit Type

Module: Logos

ID Option Description
51Purchase Order
52Generic Reports
53SO - Packing Slip
54SO - Invoice
55Work Order
137Repair Order
180Bill of Lading

Module: Documents

ID Option Description
158Custom Pick List
159Custom Packing Slip
160Custom BOL
163Custom Lease Slip
188Custom Invoice
203Custom Purchase Order
204Custom Transit Slip
205Custom Inv. Catalog
206Custom Barcode Catalog
207Custom Shipping Label
209Custom Credit Memo
217Custom Receiving Label
63Serial Label
64Inventory Label
65Item Label
66Location Label
67Asset Label
68Receiving Label
258Custom Invoice Text
259Custom Invoice Label 1
260Custom Invoice Label 2
262Custom Invoice Text 2
263Custom Invoice Text 3
245Show Barcode On Invoice
261Show Item Alias on Packing Slip
264Picklist - Show All Available Stock
519Show Locations on PO Document
522Prefer Notes over Description on SO Documents
523Prefer Notes over Description on PO Documents
528Hide Barcodes on Documents

Module: Mobile

ID Option Description
303Use Receive Signatures
304Use Issue Signatures
305Use Move Signatures
306Use Transit Signatures
307Use Lease Signatures
308Use Certify Signatures
309Use Package Signatures
310Use Purchase Signatures
311Use Shipping Signatures
312Use Work Signatures
321Use Delivery Signatures
300Disable Persistent Location
302Disable Item Selects
313Disable Location Selects
314Hide Serial Fields
322Enable Default Location
323Enable Bulk Move
324Enable Bulk Transit
325Enable Zero Cycle Count
326Enable Pack Select
327Enable Bulk Pack
315Barcode Item Format
316Barcode Serial Format
317Barcode Inventory Format
318Barcode Location Format
319Default Receive Reason
320Default Issue Reason