Inventory Pro

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Inventory Pro is a web-based Inventory System for Inventory Control and Management offered by CISS Ltd.

Our Inventory Solutions are built on a variety of Microsoft technologies including but not limited to Azure, .Net Framework, IIS, SQL Server and Entity Framework. These technologies allow us to offer a real-time inventory system for both Desktop and Mobile devices. The applications can be hosted in a cloud environment by CISS or on servers of a client's choice. It can be configured to be accessible from a local network or from anywhere over the internet.



Inventory Pro provides your business with an affordable inventory program, allowing your staff, suppliers, and customers to see real-time information. Accounts and user access can be controlled through permissions so that your staff, suppliers, and customers can only see the data that is relevant to them. Inventory Pro Online is designed to assist you in the management of your business logistics, including the movement and exchange of products and or services.

Use Cases

The primary role of Inventory Pro is business-to-business (B2B), however, we also offer third-party logistics (3PL) and business-to-consumer (B2C) configurations for Inventory Management. Our solution has built-in customization features and can be heavily customized for specific use cases or industries by our development team.

Over the years we've made custom systems for tracking Production Efficiency, Safety Equipment RMAs, Document Organization, Music Metadata, Data Warehousing, and much more.

Core Modules


The Inventory system allows you to track items and stock, with various advanced features such as restocking, cycle counts, expiration, and more. Inventory transactions are logged with fine grain details to allow for reporting, projections and data analysis.


The Warehouse system for multiple warehouses, zones, and locations. Warehouses can be further defined as only a Ship From or Ship To among other metrics to control inventory flow. Restocking levels, Barcodes, and Logos and more can be defined at a Per Warehouse level.

Stock Transactions

Stock Transactions
Inventory Pro allows for a variety of transactions in addition to the standard Receive, Move, Issue, such as Transits, Assembling, Leasing and more. Stock transactions default to FEFO then FIFO and additional picking patterns can be developed as needed.


The Purchasing module allows you to order, track, and receive inventory items. We also allow for supplier catalogs, supplier agreements, order corrections, order approvals, and partial orders. Additionally this module integrates with our inventory restocking system to allow for projections and planning based on lead time and stock usage.


The Shipping module allows you to easily add, track, and maintain your shipping orders. We have a Quick Order system for customer access, multi step picking and packing, order approvals, and more. Inventory pro also supports live inventory allocation in a FIFO manner to determine exactly which orders can be fulfilled with the currently available stock.

Other Orders

Inventory Pro offers a number of additional modules,

  • Appointments - Allow for tracking inbound shipments (3PL) inventory that do not need a full PO
  • Repair Orders - Damaged goods tracking, can be used either internally or with your suppliers
  • Work Orders - For assembling goods, tracking maintenance, or various services

Inventory Pro offers built in support for a variety of 1D and 2D barcoding formats and barcode printers. The configuration tools allow you to have multiple barcodes for different use cases. We also allow for per warehouse options for barcoding.


Inventory Pro Mobile allows your warehouse team or delivery teams to make live inventory transactions and keep system accurate and efficient. It is designed around stock operations, with additional modules for picking, packing, cycle counts, deliveries, signatures and more.


The Assets module allows you to track and maintain tangible and intangible assets. We support a large variety of customizable attributes, tracking of asset usage by various users / employees, depreciation, and more.


Inventory Pro offers a comprehensive set of reports for each Module that allow you to query almost every aspect of the system. You can view the report onscreen, print it, or export. All reports allow for client customization of the data set, displayed columns, and filters. We can also build specialized reports to suit your specific needs

Import / Export

Import / Export
The Import / Export framework is a series of tools which allow for data movement of many of the core modules. Every report for example can be exported, and the import utilities allow for Warehouses, Items, Orders, Users, Assets, and more to be imported and initialized in the system. We also create custom import templates regularly for our clients to match their existing excel workflows.


The Administration System provides tools to manage Users, Groups, Alerts, and more. As well as configure the system to suit your use cases. If you need any assistance with configuring for a specific use case ( B2B, B2C, 3PL ) we can readily assist.


Internally Inventory Pro, Inventory Pro Mobile, and associated software follow industry standard best practices for handling secure data such as passwords. Our hosting follows a similar pattern following industry standards to ensure secure configuration and hosting of the application. Our backup network uses encryption throughout to secure backups and data transfers.

If hosting is performed by the client they are responsible for all security configuration, backups, and encryption of the application and data on their servers.

For more information check our System Architecture


If you have purchased a cloud-hosted solution through CISS you do not need to install or configure anything, simply go to the URL provided by CISS to access your Inventory Pro instance. Generally, that will be or similar.

For self-hosted clients, you will need to install the application on your servers or hosting environment. See our Installation Guide for more information on the installation and configuration of Inventory Pro.

Software as a Service (Saas) Hosting

Security Policy

CISS, Ltd is committed to protecting the information you provide us that is stored in our Inventory Pro Online (IPOL) system. For Software as a Service (Saas) hosted implementations of IPOL environments; to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the appropriate use of the information, CISS, Ltd has in place appropriate physical and managerial procedures to safeguard the information we collect.

CISS employs the following architectural tools for SaaS IPOL:

  • Physical servers are kept in secure data centers
  • Multiple ISP connections
  • 7×24 monitored access
  • Redundant power / generators.
  • Application and Databases are Hosted on Virtualized Servers ( VM )
  • Each VM group is sandboxed from one another
  • Operating System and Database Software updated regularly
  • Endpoint Protection software on external VM’s
  • Firewall with minimal ports open
  • Email Spam Blocking software
  • Active / Current Security Certificates on all endpoints
  • Backups On / Off site of virtual machines, application data, and databases
  • Direct VPN and login connections to servers are with multi-factor authentication

Database snapshots, are taken hourly and backed up offsite to multiple locations. These hourly backups are in turn backed up to secure local and cloud-based storage. At any point, we have at least 4 recent copies of the database. Hourly Backups are stored for up to 1 month, Daily Backups are stored for up to 6 months.

Uploaded Files, Images, and Documents are backed up twice daily offsite to multiple locations. These backups are stored for up to 1 year.

If desired, an optional service can be established whereby CISS, Ltd can provide automated database backups of your data at regular intervals. Additionally, database backups can be provided at a client’s request.

IPOL has a single signon integration option that allows for minimal password interaction working with your domain security. IPOL also has the ability to enforce strong password rules at each client’s discretion. CISS can provide a separate application architecture document.

CISS will engage in a non-disclosure (NDA) agreement with any client that desires one be in place. CISS will not sell or expose any data stored in an Inventory Pro OnLine instance. If desired upon cessation of use of Inventory Pro OnLine, CISS can scrub any client data immediately from our servers for a one-time fee, otherwise the data will expire automatically as our backup network clears old data.

Customers with traditional IPOL software licenses maintaining their own computing environments are completely responsible for their own access control, security and backups of the IPOL application.